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We’ve put together the following Car buying advice

Whether you’re buying a new or used car or Classic we recommend getting a pre-purchase car inspection.


Car buying advice


A classic or collector car, can be a rewarding and profitable investment.

Or it can be a nightmare and a money pit that can quickly ruin your bank account, destroy your marriage, or worse !

Not every seller is honest, after all, it’s just a used car, so buyer beware !

And remember, everything can be made to look good in a photo.

With over 30 years experience, buying, selling and repairing classics,  we will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and make sure you know exactly what you’re potentially investing in.

With prices for some vehicles hitting stratospheric heights, you really need a knowledgeable eye to look over a major investment. All vehicles are researched before the inspection, for known problem areas and these are thoroughly investigated.

We will spend around 2 hours inspecting all aspects of the vehicle, finishing with a good 10 minute test drive (when possible)

We take around 30 photos and write a comprehensive report, leaving no stone upturned.

All finding can be discussed with the inspector over the phone. In some cases, at an extra cost.

Data plates, number stamping’s & factory documents, can be scrutinised and compared with known legitimate examples to verify sellers claims.

Call us first, before you buy plane tickets and take time of work, to look at a car that may be badly misrepresented.

Appraisals and valuations for most 1950′s to 1980′s American based vehicles is also available.

We have an extensive data base and over 30 years experience buying selling and repairing these vehicles.


 Areas we check

Mechanical condition

The engine is checked for evidence of excessive oil consumption, unusual noises, misfiring, and fluid leaks.

Transmission, rear axle or transaxle is checked for fluid leaks, poor gear changes, slipping or shuddering clutch and weird noises etc.

Brakes and suspension is checked for worn components, fluid leaks and safe operation.

Cooling & Charging system is checked for condition and operation.

Wheels, tyres and exhaust is also inspected for obvious problems.

Body & Paint (one of the most expensive areas to rectify)

Evidence of poorly conducted body and paint repairs.

Evidence of rust, corrosion & body filler.

Panels and gaps are scrutinised for consistency and originality.

The paintwork is also thoroughly inspected for quality and depth.


The soft trim and carpet is thoroughly inspected for condition and operation.

Windows, glass and convertible etc. tops are also scrutinised for wear, operation & alignment.

Dashboard and instruments will get a thorough inspection as well.

Electrical  (often overlooked in a restoration)

Thoroughly tested for condition and operation of all components.

Chrome, Glass and Stainless trim

All bright work is thoroughly inspected for damage, blemishes, corrosion an alignment.

Test Drive (when available)

We thoroughly test the cars steering, brakes, suspension & drive train for any issues, including, poor performance, handling and braking.

Having said that, we cant put it on a race track and some owners will not permit a test drive.

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Buying a New Car?

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  • What are the features you need?
  • Is it easy to service?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Is the vehicle fuel efficient?
  • Check for reviews of the vehicle you are considering?
  • Are they reliable?
  • Do they sold well?
  • Test drive a number of vehicles.
  • Is it comfortable? or noisy?
  • Take someone with you who knows all about cars.

What to look out for

  • Inspect the body of the vehicle for scratches, dents dodgy workmanship etc
  • Differing coloured paint finishes – shows signs of respraying

Before driving away in your new car

  • Always make sure you’re receiving what you ordered, and that there is no new damage to the car.
  • DON’T SIGN ANYTHING until you are completely satisfied with the vehicle. A reputable dealer should always go over the car with you before you sign.
  • Take your time there’s no rush and go through a checklist.

Buying a Used Car?

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What to look out for

  • Check if there’s any finances owed
  • Check for any accidents history

How to purchase a used vehicle

  • Inspect the vehicles body for damages Dents and Scratches
  • Differing paint finishes *Warning could be signs of an accident* This maybe a result of respraying.
  • This can be for many reasons, ask owner as to why the difference in spray colour
  • Inspect the vehicles engine, etc Check for service records, logbook, etc
  • Take to local trusted mechanic and ask for an inspection.
  • Settle on desired price.
  • Cash, bank transfer or bank cheque are all very valid options. Bank cheques are the most secure.
  • Make sure you have official paperwork with signatures from both the buyer and seller.
  • Then fill out all the relevant sections on registration papers.
  • Make your final payment and smile as you shake their hand and driving away
  • Go to nearest RTA/ Motor Registry and fill out a form for Application for Transfer of Registration. Pay all the transfer fees and you’re done.
  • Finalise insurance details along with payments if you haven’t already.
  • Settle any ordeal with your e-tag, etc.


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We’ve put together the following Car buying advice